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Brand: Elcab Conductors

Elcab's decision to manufacture Wiring harnesses has enabled Elcab to deliver its customers with ready to use products. Where the customer just plugs the harness into their unit/product and that’s it.

Being a niche cable manufacturer Elcab finds making wiring harnesses and Cable assemblies natural and right.

We use our own cables in manufacturing wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, and hence we can modify and manufacture cables exactly as per the harness requirements.

We manufacture the following type of Wiring Harnesses
Control Panel Wiring Harness
IIOT Wiring Harness
Automotive Wiring Harness
Solar Wiring Harness
Control Cable Harness
Automation Wiring Harness
Hybrid M8 SPE Connector & Cable Assembly
Electric Vehicle Wiring Harness
Battery Cable Harness
Power Cable Assembly
Connector System Assembly
Wiring Harness for Robots
Wiring Harness for Communication
Control Cabinet Cable Assemblies
White Goods Wiring Harness
Antenna Cable Assemblies
Car Chargers
Low Voltage Wiring Harness
High-Voltage Electrical Car Wiring Harness for Battery Packs
Medical Cable Assemblies
X Ray Wiring Harnesses
IVD Cable Assembly
Panel Connection Cable
Sensor Harnesses
High Voltage Wiring Harness
HVAC Wiring harness
Battery Cable Assemblies
Antenna Cable Assemblies
Car Chargers
Low Voltage Wiring Harness