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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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These cables have the following benefits:

◍ Elcab Manufactures flat braids and round ropes from 99.97% pure EC grade copper wires which are either plated with tin, nickel, silver or used in bare form.

◍ Our braids are manufactured under the right tensions with ideal lay length so as to give a long-lasting accurate product that sits intact throughout. Our braids are not loose and cannot be pulled from the sides easily.

◍ We have most sizes of braids readily available in stock.
Our braids and Ropes are RoHS compliant and the conductor is as per IS 8130 and BS/IEC 60228. These can be provided with insulations of your choice such as Heat Shrink Sleeve, extruded compounds and/or cotton/polyester tapes.
Individual Strand Size:0.1 mm to 0.4 mm
Conductor Class:2,4, 5 and 6.
End Connectors:Can be crimped and provided.
Features of flat braided Conductors:
◍ Better skinning effect resulting in more efficient use of copper.
◍ Lower Impedance along with lower inductance.
◍ Higher current carrying capacity than equivalent round cables.
◍ Provided with pre-punched palms that provide better electrical terminations.
◍ Allows reduction in space and weight of electrical unit.
◍ Better flexibility than round PVC cables.
◍ The conductor used is annealed EC grade tinned copper of strand thickness 0.19mm.
◍ For the same CSA, flat braids have a much lower conductor resistance than round conductors.
◍ Better heat dissipation.
◍ Ideal for usage in vibratory environments.

Width and dimensions can be modified further as per customer dimensions and requirements. Current carrying capacity of Tinned Copper Braids.