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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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Detailed Description:

Based on IEC VDE 0812 and EN 50525 series and IEC standards.
Copper purity:>99.97%
Conductor:Annealed Bare Copper Bunched Conductor as per IS 8130, BS EN/IEC 60228 and others.
Annealed Tinned Copper conductor available on request.
Class 6/2/5 conductors available on request.
Stranding:Bunched, Optimum core lay length.
• RoHS compliant flame-retardant PVC grade as per IS 5831, BS EN 50363 etc.
• Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2
• RoHS compliant flame-retardant Heat Resistant compounds, FRLS, ZHFR available on request.
• PE & PP insulation can also be provided.
Stranding:In layers with optimum lay length.
Separator:Polyester tape, cotton tape, fleece, paper tape or any other as per requirement.
Shielding:Aluminium mylar tape with Tinned Copper Braiding. (Al Mylar tape provides good shielding against High Frequency Noises whereas Tinned Cu Braid is ideal for low frequency noises, Elcab incorporates both of these to provide their customers with superior noise protection).
Note: Shielding can be done individually to cores/pairs/triads or overall.
Voltage Rating:up to and including 600V. (up to 350V for 0.25 sq mm and below).
Fixed: -30°C to 90°C continuous.
Flexing: -10°C to 70°C ℃
Note: Note: Cables operating as low as -50°C and as high as 125°C can be provided if required.
Minimum Bending Radius:Fixed: 6 times the Overall Diameter Occasional Flexing: 12 times the overall Diameter
Minimum Oxygen Index:30%
Limited Temperature Index:> 250°C℃
Voltage Withstand Test:4.0 KV @ 50-60 rms for 300 seconds minimum.
Core to Core/Shield Insulation Resistance:>250 MΩ/km (Highest in class)
Mutual capacitance:
Core/Core: approx. 120 nF/km
Core/Screen: approx. 160 nF/km
Approx. 0.65 mH/km