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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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Detailed Description:

◍ A shielded cable is a type of electrical cable designed to have either one or more insulated conductors that are enclosed by a common conductive layer.
◍ The shield may be composed of the metal like aluminium or raided strands of copper.
◍ In terms of braided screens of Tin Plated Copper (TPC) wires and Aluminium/Polyester (Al/Pr), both the foils and braided are considered to offer safety from electrical interference either from other sources within the cable like data and power cores in the same cable or from external sources.
◍ Braided screens provide a great amount of copper. It's beneficial at lesser frequencies.
◍ Foil screens offer hundred per cent coverage, which is more efficient and effective at higher frequencies.
◍ A mixture of both braid and foil thus let you get the best screening over an array of frequencies.
we at Elacabe wires provide you with the best cabling solutions to ensure value balanced against desired performance.
We are established in Pune,(western) India and manufacture and deliver quality and guaranteed shielded and screen quality.
◍ Shielded and Screen Cables are applied for electrical, mechanical, and magnetic protection. From a well-positioned stand screening on existing cable designs to the best possible screening for high performance applications.
◍ We at Elcab wires provide excellent products and services, focusing on customer centric approach rather than profit making marketing strategies in such fast-paced market.
◍ Our products are of utmost qualities, leading to last-long and give proper support.