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Brand: Elcab Conductors


Detailed Description:

Pairing is done to reduce cross talk between pairs and get more accurate readings/signals.
Our PVC/PVC shielded cables boast of a meggar test reading of core to core and cores to screen/shield over 100MOhms for 100 m of cable minimum.

We also use various other insulation compounds that show meggar test reading of over 100Gohm for 100m of cable.
We are one of the very few companies to use in house drawn and tinned copper for screening thus give us greater quality and higher assurance regarding purity of copper and tin.
Our shielded cables are rated for use in -30 to 90'C environments, -40 to 105'C environments and -40 to 125'C use environments. -30 to 90'C is the operating temperature unless otherwise specified. Our shielded and screened cables are either standard or tailor made to suit customer requirements.

Our shielded and screened cables are as per BS EN , IEC standards and are CE marked. Our customers for shielded cables are present in all sectors right from defense to automation and robotics.