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To do this, the cable assembly is placed inside a mold. Next, a molten plastic material is injected into the mold cavity. Once the plastic material cools and solidifies, it conforms to the shape of the mold and encapsulates the junction point between the connector and wire.

What are the benefits of overmolding?

◍ Increase the flexibility at the cable exit, where most of the movement between a cable and connector takes place

◍ Provide resistance to abrasion and shock or impact

◍ Make cable assemblies tamper-proof by encapsulating components beneath a sealed resin

◍ Provide 360-degree strain relief and increased pull strength

◍ Create a water-resistant or water-tight seal that qualifies cable assemblies for IP certification

◍ Improve the overall quality, appearance and feel of cable assemblies, replacing the need for expensive metal backshells

◍ Simplify installation by creating a one-piece assembly with keys that act as visual indicators to assist in the mating of each pair

◍ Reduce human error

Elcab Manufactures Over moulded Cable Assemblies as per customer design and requirements.
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