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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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Detailed Description:

Based on IEC 60227-5 and EN 50525-2-51

Elcab manufactures Oil resistant non-shielded and shielded Flexible Control Cables for various specialized applications for both export as well as domestic markets.

Construction & Features

Conductor:Annealed Bare Copper Conductor as per IS 8130, BS EN/IEC 60228.
Copper purity:>99.97%
• Annealed Tinned copper conductor available on request. • Class 6 conductors available on request.
Stranding:Bunched, Optimum core lay length.
Screening/shielding:RoHS compliant flame retardant PVC grade as per IS 5831, BS EN 50363.
• Flame-retardant according IEC 60332-1-2
• RoHS compliant flame retardant Heat Resistant, FRLS, ZHFR compounds available on request. Oil, Fuel, UV, Ozone, Acid, Alkali Resistant compounds available on request.
• Colour or number coded Cores with or without earth core.
Voltage Rating:
• up to and including 750 V
• -30° to 70° ℃ continuous for basic FR cables.
• Minimum Bending Radius:
• 4 times the Overall Diameter
Occasional Flexing:
• 7 times the overall Diameter • Minimum Oxygen Index: 30%
Cable Standard:
• Based on BS EN 50525 2-51 & IEC 60227-5
• Limited Temperature Index:> 250℃
Voltage Withstand Test:
• 6.0 KV @ 50-60 rms for 300 seconds minimum.
• Core to Core Insulation Resistance:>250 MΩ/km (Highest in class)