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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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Detailed Description:

Low Frequency control and signal cables find their use in the mill-ampere range for computer systems, electronic control equipment, encoders, control panels and wherever the thinnest possible control cables are needed.
Conductor class:Class 5 or 6 Bare or tinned copper
Mutual capacitance:
• Core to Core: 100 nF/km Approx
• Core to Screen: 150nF/km Approx
• approx. 0.7 mH/km.
Minimum bending radius:
• Occasional flexing: 12 x outer diameter
• Fixed installation: 4 x outer diameter
Earth core:
• Green-yellow (if required by customer) • Pairing: as per requirement
Temperature range:
• Occasional flexing: -20°C to +70°C
• Fixed installation: -30°C to +90°C