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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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Detailed Description:

Ozone, acid and alkali resistant and hence are a superior replacement to PVC power cables as well as Uninyvin Cables. Using a insulation of much higher melting and operating temperature enables us to a smaller cross section of our Endonyvin range compared to PVC and Uninyvin cables.
Endonyvin has the following advantages:
◍ It is highly flexible.
◍ It is RoHS complaint and low halogenated.
◍ It has a high working continuous temperature range of -40⁰C to + 125⁰C and 150⁰C short term.
◍ It has a melting point of above 250⁰C.
◍ It is resistant to acid, alkali, UV as well as Ozone.
◍ Endonyvin cables have a higher service life due to a stronger bong between its polymeric links.
◍ Endonyvin cables have a much superior IR and VR with a core to core/screen Meggar of over 100Gohms for 100m of cable.
Voltage Rating: 1.8KV continuous.
Test Voltage:6.6 KV for 10 minutes.
Flame Retardancy:As per IS 694, ISO 6722 and V0.
◍ Endonyvin cables come with class 6 bare copper conductor with no back twist hence making it ideal for flexibility as well as flexing.
◍ Conductors can be tinned as per requirement.
◍ Conductors meet the requirements of IS 8130 and BS EN 60228.
◍ AWG conductors can also be incorporated. In AWG we suggest using a lower size to replace existing Uninyvin cables.

Endonyvin Cables are FRLS in nature and suitable for military, defense and Naval applications as they have extremely low halogens. Halogen free insulation can also be provided without compromising any of the properties.
Current Carrying capacity for Endonyvin cables compared to PVC cables are as follows: