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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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Detailed Description:

◍ Elcab has state of the art machinery for drawing, tinning, bunching, stranding and many other processes related to cable manufacturing.
◍ We can provide customers with single strand, bunched as well as stranded conductors for cable insulation, wire manufacturing, braiding, screening, shielding etc in various types and spools of customers choice.
. We offer single strand tin plated wires ranging from 0.1 mm to 2.6 mm. These have an elongation of minimum 13% and pass persulphate tests with flying colours.
◍ The thickness of tin plating can be varied from < 1 micron to 8 microns.
◍ For shielding and braiding purposes we provide our customers with bunched as well straight copper of various sizes.
◍ Another of our offerings are drain wires for shielded cables.
◍ We manufacture tightly twisted and tinned drain wires is classes 2-6 that are used to drain Aluminium mylar tapes and/or tinned copper screens in specialised cables.
◍ We can offer bunched copper wires from 0.1 to 6 sq mm.
Elcab specialises in conductors for power cables. Our conductors are free of back twist, highly flexible and have a varying lay length as per customer requirements. We can manufacture conductors in any classes as per AWG and SWG in both bare as well as tinned types.