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Brand: Elcab Conductors

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These cables have the following benefits:

Coil Cords have the following Advantages:
The cables do not get dragged across the floor and hence do not get dirty or spoilt. This is the major advantage of spiral cables over regular cables.

Several 10,000 extension cycles can be presented without any problem due to tight spiral design.

Spiral/Coiled charging cables prevent accidents such as tripping, running over by vehicles etc due to better visibility.
Our coil cords come with various types of stranded cores such as:
Single Core Cords
Multicore cords of similar or hybrid cores
Cords with power as well as communication cores can be designed and manufactured.
Our Cords come with Two Types of Outer Jacket Materials:
Polyurethane and Thermoplastic Rubber both materials are well suited for outdoor applications.
Elcab will gladly develop and help design spiral cords for your charging, power transmission applications