We, at Elcab Conductors are a trusted name among manufacturers of electric cables and wires. We deal in manufacturing and supplying quality auto battery cables with varying temperature resistances and varying insulation properties.

Brand: Elcab Conductors

Detailed Description


Elcab Manufactures round flexible ropes from 99.97% pure EC grade copper wires which are either plated with tin, nickel, silver or used in bare form. Our ropes are manufactured under the right tensions with ideal lay length so as to give a long lasting accurate product that sits intact throughout. Our ropes are free of back twist hence giving a high flexibility and higher flexing life.

Our Ropes are RoHS compliant and the conductor is as per IS 8130 and BS/IEC 60228. These can be provided with insulations of your choice such as Heat Shrink Sleeve, extruded compounds and/or cotton/polyester tapes. Our Ropes can also be crimped with lugs and other end terminations.