Elcab manufactures High Temperature (-40 to 125℃) resistant PUR/PU/TPU cables that are ideal for use in presence of chemicals, acids, alkalis, coolants and outdoor applications.

Brand: Elcab Conductors

Detailed Description


TPU cables are recommended for continuous flexing and coil cord applications as they have a great elastic memory, superior tear strength and high abrasion resistance compared to other thermoplastics such as PVC. Polyurethane Cables retain their flexibility throughout their rated temperature range.

All Polyurethane cables are RoHS compliant in nature and PU itself is also free of halogens hence making it a highly ecofriendly compound to use for cable applications. Apart from Heat Resistant Polyurethane, we can also provide our customers with regular polyurethane sheathed cables for economic and commercial reasons. These are rated at -40 to 90