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Elcab Conductors Profile

Elcab Conductors was founded in 1994 by Mr. Anil Jhamtani who is a technocrat and alumni of CoEP 1990. He comes from a humble background that remains true to his ethics, fairness and rich culture even today.


Today, Elcab Conductors is a force to reckon with over 25 years of experience and the 2nd generation actively present in the business since the past 4 years, Elcab has been developing and providing the Indian Market with import substitute cables of German quality and Japanese efficiency.

Our Motto has been simple: make your products so good and your service so professional & on time that your customers become your marketers.


Elcab believes in retention, ethical business, personal as well as social development. We invest 3-5% of our profits towards R&D each year. Elcab is nothing but a force to reckon with. Just tell us your requirements and see our team come with innovative ideas and products to suit your needs.

About the Plant:

Elcab has over 25 product ranges and each will mesmerize you. Being the only company to have drawing, tinning, bunching, braiding, extrusion, shielding, screening, testing etc facilities under one roof with a jaw dropping range of products.

Elcab’s plant is ISO 2015 certified and is in process of IATF 16949 implementation and certification. Over 30 people call Elcab their place of work and take pride in their work and their company. Elcab has state of the art machinery which is either procured locally, imported or designed and manufactured in house. Elcab also has UPS for all of its critical machines. Elcab has over 50 machines of 15 different types, all used to manufacture world class wire and cable products. Elcab is a debt free company that is always eager to expand and set new milestones.

About the Partners :

Anil Jhamtani: Founder

Anil Jhamtani is a BE Mech from College of Engineering Pune 1990 batch. He has a love for innovation and challenges. His entrepreneurial spirit made him quit his job at a MNC within the first year and venture out on his own. After researching and planning for two years he decided to enter the wire and cable market without any prior knowledge or potential customer. His thinking is still the same “Let your product do the talking”. He believes in enabling each individual in Elcab to become better and lead a better productive life. Apart from his professional life Anil likes to take part in social welfare activities, hiking, travelling and help/inspire those who cross paths with him.

Neerav Jhamtani: Head of Product and Business Development

Neerav decided to join his father’s business on 30th November 2015 out of the blue. It’s been over 4 years and Neerav feels that this is the best thing that ever happened to him. He entered business with a positive outlook and high moral values bestowed upon him by his parents. Neerav shares the same passion for machines and product development as his father and wants to change the way India uses cables and also the global perception of Indian Engineering. He only compares his product quality to global leaders and leaves no stone unturned to get ahead of them.