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Conductivity > 100

Company Overview

It’s been more than 20 years since Mr. Anil jhamtani of Pune,(western) India, who graduated from the College of Engineering Pune,(western) India (CoEP), decided to venture out on his own and set up a unit to manufacture cables and wires. Two decades hence, he reflects upon his decision and feels that it was the right path he chose to tread on. His company, Elcab Wires (P) Limited, is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of products such as copper braids, tinned copper lead wires for capacitors and resistors, house wires, solar cables, telephone cables, welding cables, battery cables, earthing straps, etc.

Quality, Vision & Mission


To do ethical business with innovative ideas and satisfy customers with quality products, timely service and maintain/honor commitments.

Quality Policy

Quality is our strength. We use the best raw material like copper rods from Hindustan copper and Ducab, UAE having conductivity beyond 100 and TPV & PVC compounds which have greater tensile strength, good flexibility...

About Us

Manufacturer of Electric Cable and Wires

Over the years, the company’s mission has expanded quite a bit to step beyond manufacturing wires. It now provides end-to-end solutions, helping its customers use electrical energy effectively and increase productivity with sustainability. “Our growth rate has been consistent despite the many ups and downs in terms of economy or the sluggishness that often creeps into the infrastructure and housing industry. We now have two well-equipped plants with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and technology for manufacturing tinned copper braids and cables,”.

So what is it that has helped the company establish its brand image in the highly competitive wire and cable industry? Answer: “We use the best raw material like copper rods from Hindustan Copper of 99.97 per cent purity (having conductivity >100) (We also use oxygen free copper (OSC))and PVC compound which has greater tensile strength, good flexibility, robust insulation resistance, and dielectric strength. In addition, we have been continuously investing in research and development, testing facilities for best product quality, productivity enhancement, and operational excellence.” Also, the company offers a high level of customisation. “We make multi-core cables up to 50 core with all of them identified by different colours. We also make cores with numbers printed on them for identification. These can also be produced with an aluminium mylar or copper shield as per customer’s requirements. The highest demand for such cables is from electronics industries and proximity switch manufacturers,” he adds.

Technology we use

Elcab Conductors in technology we use

Elcab conductors offer cables & wires for industrial and building use. We manufacture various types of custom built Cables, Braids, Tinned stranded conductors, Solar cables, Welding & Torch cables

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